Friday, September 12, 2008

Message #81 - Face The Giants in Your Life...

We all Have Giants to Over come in Our Life...I'm Dealing With Some Right Now...We Must However Face Them in Order to Defeat Them.

Giants are the difficult things (or they could be failures) you are dealing with in your Life right now! What ever they are...These are your Giants!

If you're an athlete and your giant was a bad performance, then in order to understand what really happened, you must face it "head on" with honesty and humility. The same is true no matter what your giant is.

You may have more than one giant in your life. You've got to face them though..."head on" matter how difficult.

If you don't face them then you'll never defeat "the Giant" and have a break through. To break through something there's got to be some force applied. So if you want a break through you're going to have to apply some force. The bigger the giant...the more force that's needed.

A Break Through can only occur by facing the challenge ("the Giant") with with honesty and humility...and remember to CARRY A BIG STICK!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Message #80 - Focus on the win, not the opponent

Visualize the VICTORY not the PRESSURE you feel...

You have to completely embrace the idea that with all accomplishment there is PRESSURE. In fact the greater the accomplishment...the greater the pressure...I agree with Billie Jean King, perhaps the greatest female tennis player ever, that "Pressure is a Privilege".

I'll take it a step further. "PRESSURE IS THE PRIVILEGE OF CHAMPIONS". If you really want to be a champion...start accepting the pressure that comes as a privilege.."a sort of right of passage".

Typically when you feel pressure it's because you're thinking about an opponent. Think about it for a moment....The more you think about your opponent the more you feel the pressure.

The opponent doesn't matter really. If you really want the victory you're going to have to beat everybody anyway.

When I competed I didn't think about my opponents too much...What I did however is spend a lot of time thinking about how I was going to win.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Message #79 - It's All About What You Focus On.

Do You Want To Change Your Life?...Change Your Focus!!!