Sunday, April 3, 2011

Message #107 - Dream vs Duck....

Dreaming to Accomplish Something versus Ducking to avoid something... In Life our Actions are Based on either trying to Gain Something or Trying to Avoid Something...

That's really what achievement is all about. We all know achieving something can be hard and requires overcoming many obstacles and setbacks.

The challenging question for all of us when faced with challenges and hardships is: "Do we continue Dreaming or do we start to "Duck" or avoid the challenges".

Ducking to me involves avoidance; hiding; deception; denial; accepting the status quo; hoping for something better rather than seeking something better; sitting in the back of the class so you don't get called on; putting in the minimal time - leaving work or practice right at the scheduled quitting time - no extra effort; seeking no extra responsibility, being on the Defensive always countering someone else's attack having none of your own.... etc.

Dreaming is just the opposite of all these: Meet vs avoid; Reveal vs hide; Truth vs deception; Approval vs Denial (Denial means Don't, Even, Notice, I, Am, Lying); Reject status quo vs accept status quo and so on...

Duck has another connotation: Ducks are not viewed as strong, in fact they are weak. You can think of Ducks as always complaining ­ (quacking) ­ about their failures and something not being right.

Compare the Duck to the majestic Eagle and think of the Eagle as Dreaming instead. Eagles soar above the fray. Eagles have no limits. They are strong, confident and have no equal.

Don't have a Duck mentality but have a Dream mentality. Let the Dream - soaring like an Eagle, mentality travel with you for the rest of your life; don't embrace ducking through life; don't be a duck... but be an Eagle and keep Dreaming.