Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Message #95 - Want to be a true LEADER in anything?

Don't be afraid to break the mold and the status quo... with the true Leader thinking outside the box is not enough... with the true leader "THERE IS NO BOX"
  • The true leader Innovates; while others only administers what's already there.
  • The true leader is an original; while others try and copy.
  • The true leader makes things happen; while others ask "what happened"
  • The true leader originates; while others imitate.
  • The true leader is intensely interested in continual personal and professional development; while others maintain where they're at.
  • The true leader focuses on developing people, because they know that's best way to get things done; while others focuses on systems and structure.
  • The true leader inspires trust; while others rely on control.
  • The true leader sees the "big picture" and has a long-range perspective; while others maintain a short-range view and only see the immediate circumstance(s).
  • The true leader asks what and why; while others ask how and when.
  • The true leader challenges the status quo; while others accept it.
  • The true leader does the right thing; while others do things right.

This was adapted from "Becoming a Leader" - Warren Bennis

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Message #94 - Keep Believing in your Miracle.

Don't quit the moment before your miracle... your breakthrough... your SUCCESS!

If you keep believing your breakthrough will come. Your success will come.

One way to keep your dream alive is to constantly visualize your success. Role play it in your mind. Then step out of your mind and role play your future success by acting it out.

Really act it out. As a young wrestler I used to make an award stand in my bed room and role play getting up on the #1 spot after hearing the my name announced as the champion. Sounds corny but this stuff works.

Another way is to make a feature film of your success in your mind and create a "highlight" trailer and play it constantly in your mind.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message #93 - Are You Holding Back?

The next question is WHAT are you holding back? For example; energy, effort and love, ect. We all hold something back. Holding back is the key reason we have Mediocre performances and experiences.

Giving all you've got is the Key to Exceptional performance and experiences. Do you want to be EXCEPTIONAL ... or ... average?

Just by waking up in the morning...You've Made it to the "Average" Club. What you do after that makes all the difference.

Holding back is why people sometimes fail. When you hold back you never fully know what may have happened if you went "all out". Have you ever seen a person Passionate about something 'holding back"?

Great Desire and Intentions are wonderful things to have... but ... Great Effort is more important. This is the classic "thinking about doing something versus actually doing it".

"Remember Doing Something and Thinking about Doing Something Yields Entirely Different Results."

The reason why some people don't "go all out" and give (what ever it is) all they've got is because they have a belief that what ever it is they are giving; energy, effort, love etc., is LIMITED and needs to be conserved and rationed, for fear it is going to run out (kind of like time in a day). By having this belief we gauge, on a case by case basis, how much we're going to give to something.

Another reason for not going "all out" is Fear of Faliure. I'll address that in a later blog entry.

IF WE GUESS WRONG BY GIVING "TOO LITTLE" .... often times WE FAIL at what ever it is we're doing! This scenario is especially bad because if fosters failure and mediocrity, and if we succeed it's just as bad because if fosters an attitude of low output EXPECTING good results.

Strangely enough... WHAT DRAINS US OF OUR; ENERGY, EFFORT, LOVE (what ever) is the act of holding it back... not giving it 100%.

WATCH THIS.... The more you hold back, or conserve something i.e., your ENERGY, EFFORT, LOVE (what ever), the more NARROW the channels through which "it" can flow WHEN YOU REALLY NEED IT or WANT IT!

If you give it all at 100% the channel opens and flows freely. Example; if you hold back physical effort in athletic practices... the more difficult it is to give it (and express it) when you need it - to have the desired performance outcome. Another EXAMPLE; the more you hold back love... the more difficult it is to give it (and express it) when you need to.

This applies to everything. Think about it... People that freely and fully give 100% of their Effort towards something seem to have an unending supply of it... and are usually successful at what ever they're doing.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Message #92 - Deal With It!!!!

Excuses...Excuses...Excuses! I hear a lot of conversations about why things don't get done. Please... STOP the conversations. Stop the EXCUSES. stop the EXPLANATIONS. Stop the JUSTIFICATIONS.

All that stuff is really the outgrowth of our FEARS (I do it too sometimes). Fear causes us to make excuses (i.e., explaining and justifying why somethiong did or did not happen).

NO EXPLANATIONS OR JUSTIFICATIONS! PLEASE... JUST ACTION. You've heard of "Show me the money"... well... SHOW ME THE ACTION with no conversations!

In life for every decision we make we are either GETTING something for it... or AVOIDING something for it. The latter is living by default. The former is ACTION oriented living with purpose.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Message #91 - Winning Takes on Many Forms - Bob Wieland is a Winner!

Wake up every day with a Purpose, Goal or Objective for the Day. Then Go After It!

People Magazine called Bob Wieland "one of the six most amazing Americans of the past 20 years."

How many people have biked or walked across America? Bob has done both ... with no legs. Through seemingly insurmountable adversity,

Bob has persevered. From his miraculous recovery in the hospital, to his three-year, eight-month and six-day walk across America on his hands,

Bob has proved his message that "Through faith in God, determination, and dedication, a person can achieve anything."

He has always said, "The joy is in the journey." He completed the grueling Iron Man Triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26-mile marathon) on his arms. He has no peers in human achievement.

Bob Wieland, who lost his legs in Vietnam 34 years ago, finished the Los Angeles marathon Saturday, March, 8, 2003, after 173 hours and 45 minutes. It took 57-year-old Wieland of Arcadia, Calif., more than one week to cover the more than 26 miles. He used only his hands and torso.





Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Message #90 - Winning Doesn't Need to be Pretty. Just WIN!

Keep the goal simple. Example; My goal is to win this match vs. My goal is to be the OW.

Nothing wrong with being the OW. In fact in my entire career I've only won that 3 times. Once was in high school. Once in college. Once in Freestyle.

My goal was always to win. Getting my hand raised was my single concern, consequently my matches were not that exciting, but there wasn't much doubt as to who was going to win.

Remember K.I.S.S Principle!

This applies to anything you want to accomplish in LIFE.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Message #89 - Live Life Today as if Today was all you Had...

Because all we really have is NOW. That's all we really can Control. Tomorrow is not promised.

I had the good fortune to meet a great man recently. A wise man full of years with a lot of life experiences...but unfortunately he was dying. In fact when I met him he would only be alive for 14 more days. After spending some time with this man I learned very quickly that he really loved life and lived life to the fullest!

After spending some time with him and learning all that he had accomplished... I came to this startling revelation...

That revelation is: "All we have control of is this very moment in time; and we have to get the most out of this moment. This moment in time is NOW!"

When time runs out.. that's it... there's nothing more we can do in this earthly realm...I noticed this man had no regrets... He was at peace with his life.

All that we accomplish life no matter how long we live; no matter how much success we have; no matter how much we love and are loved; no matter what plans we have and had; no matter how full our life is or was... At the end we all will ponder did we accomplish what we set out to do in our lives! Did we take full advantage of all the "NOWS" we had.

No matter what....It all comes to an END!

TIME TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY! All of us will one day run out of time.

I got to thinking...what is it that I still want to do with my life.....As I thought about this it became apparent to me that we really don't have any control of our plans...We only have control of NOW.

Remember the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men....." you know the rest.

Take advantage of this very moment. Make something really special of this moment. That's what I was able to do in my wrestling career...I took advantage of every moment and lived each moment in wrestling (as it related to competition, training & learning) as if it were my last and as a result I was successful at it.

This philosophy will work at anything we want to accomplish in life.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Message #88 - Are You Putting It All On The Line...?

There's no Limit to What You Can Do...But to Find Out What You Can Do...You Must First Put It All On The Line...

The reason most people don't put it all on the line is because the very act of putting it on the line exposes any weaknesses and, of course, any strengths.

Putting it on the line means going all out...holding nothing back.



You need to know what your strengths are just as you must know what your weakness are.

To win at the highest levels you must know what your strengths and weakness are and you must practice this every day.

Put it all on the line every day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Message #87 - Want to Improve your Performance...?

Keep a Consistent and Focused Goal Oriented Attitude!

Attitude is defined as "a mental position (or a feeling or emotion) with regard to something".

Most of us are quick to let a negative circumstance change our attitude and feelings about something. This type of attitude, unfortunately, is determined by circumstance and not really focused on a particular goal or outcome.

Therefore when our circumstance does our attitude. Circumstances change alot...and unfortunately with most of us, so does our attitude.

Example; something happens we don't like...we get a negative attitude about it. This attitude is usually negative, strong and changes our thinking. This type of attitude reacts to the circumstance.

When attitude is determined by the circumstance...Consistent high level performance is impossible.

WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE CIRCUMSTANCE THAT WE ARE IN! So don't fret over your circumstance. Circumstances will always happen. Remember...Bad Stuff Happens, but it doesn't have to negatively impact our ATTITUDE.

Instead Focus your ATTITUDE on a GOAL! A goal that does not change. A goal that you are Passionate about.

Click HERE to read the quote on ATTITUDE by Chuck Swindoll

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Message #86 - Thinking vs Doing....

This is the one thing most of us do too much of...

Most of our time and energy is spent thinking about doing something...rather than doing it!

Thinking about doing something and doing something yields entirely different results.

Thinking is way overrated. Most of us over think things, and as a result never get moving to actually doing the thing(s) we were thinking about.

99% of why we don't accomplish things in life is because we never get to them.

The more we think, the more we talk ourselves out of the thing we want.

In fact the circumstance we find ourselves in reflects back what we were thinking.

Keep your thinking short, direct and to the point!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Message #85 - The Two Brothers...

The Power of DREAMING BIG!

This is a story about two brothers as told by Dr. Rob Gilbert, Co-author with me of the audio CD Series entitled, "The Psychology of Winning Wrestling"

"Two brother went to a motivational lecture on goal setting and after the lecture one of the brothers said – you know why don’t we set income goals for the next year?"

"I’ll write down my goal on an index card and seal it in an envelope and you write down your goal and you won’t tell me, on an index card and put it in an envelope. A year from now we’ll see what happens."

"So one brother writes down $50,000 and seals it in his envelope. His brother doesn't know what he wrote down. The other brother wrote down $1,000,000."

"A year later they get together and the brother that wrote down $50,000 was all excited and opens his envelope and says this stuff works – I made $52,000 – this is the most money I ever made."

"Then nonchalantly the other brother opens his envelope and he said well unfortunately I only made it halfway to my goal."

"So the brother that wrote down $50,000, even though he achieved more than 100% of his goal, made ten times less than the brother who set his goal for $1,000,000..."

So Dr. Rob Gilbert is saying that we should DREAM BIG! That's what I'm talking About!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Message #84 - Living Backwards in Time...

Live into Your Dreams!

The first time I heard the phrase "Living Backward in Time" I questioned what it meant. I thought it had something to do with living in the past... something we definitely don't want to do. However once I fully understood what it meant I immediately embraced the concept.
  1. Start with the Goal you want to attain (which is a future event) visualize and embrace the goal as if you have already attained it... Know that it's yours.  
  2. Once you've visualized and embraced the goal ask yourself "how did I get here?"
  3. Write down all the things you did to get to your Goal... the training, preparation, studying, discipline, sacrificing etc... 
  4. From that point... "Live Backward in Time" to the present (this is the point you're at right now) doing all the things necessary to make sure the future events unfold the way you envisioned it.
  5. Each day "TiVo" your life and watch the replay of your past days actions, accessing whether your actions really do align with the things you've outlined in #3 above as the "way you got to your goal." 
  7. If your actions of the past day aren't in line with step#3 above (and in turn your goal)... make a CHANGE... CHANGE THE NEXT EPISODE of your upcoming day's actions so that your are always on track! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Message #83 - The Power of Preparation...

There's no Substitute for Being Prepared...Just Ask the 155 Passengers and Crew aboard the commercial US Air flight 1549 that CRASH landed into the Hudson on Jan 19, 2009....

Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger was piloting the plane and is largely credited for safely "crash" landing the plane into the Hudson, with NO CASUALTIES! That's astonishing folks!

Can you imagine the gratitude each and every passenger and crew member felt when they were finally safe on the ground, or should I say in the water...ALIVE!!! CLICK HERE to read the story.

When you read the level of experience Captain "Sully" has you begin to understand how he pulled this impressive feat off.

This is what we all should be striving for...Perfection of Execution! More importantly; Perfect Execution in the face of "less that perfect conditions". Crappy conditions...Holy SH#T conditions...You get what I mean. His focus must have been time to think about it...only action.

This is where all the training and experience PAYS OFF. This is where and when one can only act based on their prior training and preparation.

Captain "Sully" could not have performed at the level he did without the countless hours of preparation...not knowing that one day he would save the lives of 154 others, not to mention his own. Captain "Sully" can fly any plan that I'm on, any time!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Message #82 - To be Great You Can Never Lose Your Passion...

We all Have Set Backs...Challenges...and yes sometimes Failures...

It is said this farmer boy could not read nor write, failed and went broke five times. His company has survived 8 Recessions, 1 Oil Crisis and 1 Great Depression. ( Ford Motor will make it through this) .

He was not allowed to wait on customers when he worked in a dry goods store because, his boss said, "he didn't have enough sense." (FW Woolworth was founded during the Long Depression that lasted 23 year with a loan of $300 and in 2001 changed its name to Footlocker).

Fired by his newspaper editor who said, "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas." He went bankrupt several times before he built the largest entertainment company in the world. (Walt Disney's creations have since survived 1 Great Depression and 7 Recessions.)

Click Here to read what one of the world's greatest leaders had to say about hardships and difficulties.

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