Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Message #86 - Thinking vs Doing....

This is the one thing most of us do too much of...

Most of our time and energy is spent thinking about doing something...rather than doing it!

Thinking about doing something and doing something yields entirely different results.

Thinking is way overrated. Most of us over think things, and as a result never get moving to actually doing the thing(s) we were thinking about.

99% of why we don't accomplish things in life is because we never get to them.

The more we think, the more we talk ourselves out of the thing we want.

In fact the circumstance we find ourselves in reflects back what we were thinking.

Keep your thinking short, direct and to the point!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Message #85 - The Two Brothers...

The Power of DREAMING BIG!

This is a story about two brothers as told by Dr. Rob Gilbert, Co-author with me of the audio CD Series entitled, "The Psychology of Winning Wrestling"

"Two brother went to a motivational lecture on goal setting and after the lecture one of the brothers said – you know why don’t we set income goals for the next year?"

"I’ll write down my goal on an index card and seal it in an envelope and you write down your goal and you won’t tell me, on an index card and put it in an envelope. A year from now we’ll see what happens."

"So one brother writes down $50,000 and seals it in his envelope. His brother doesn't know what he wrote down. The other brother wrote down $1,000,000."

"A year later they get together and the brother that wrote down $50,000 was all excited and opens his envelope and says this stuff works – I made $52,000 – this is the most money I ever made."

"Then nonchalantly the other brother opens his envelope and he said well unfortunately I only made it halfway to my goal."

"So the brother that wrote down $50,000, even though he achieved more than 100% of his goal, made ten times less than the brother who set his goal for $1,000,000..."

So Dr. Rob Gilbert is saying that we should DREAM BIG! That's what I'm talking About!!!