Monday, January 11, 2010

Message #97 - What You Do Today DOES Matter!

Have You Ever Ended Up Somewhere and Wonder How in the World Did I Get Here?

That is precisely the point. How Did I get here! This applies in Every Aspect of Life.

Like... Driving Somewhere & Getting Lost and ending up somewhere you didn't want to be... Ending up with Friends, People, Spouse, Kids, Sickness, Disease, or a Job you don't really want to be with, etc., you name it.....

Basically just not being happy with where you're at and/or the direction you're going!

I'm here to tell you that this just didn't happen by accident. It didn't just happen overnight or all of a sudden... IT HAPPENED OVER TIME FOLKS.

TIME is the Game Changer Here. It is either our friend... or it is our enemy. It's ONE OR THE OTHER. Our choices mutiplied by TIME happens to all of us. It happens to me and it happens to you.

The Key is recognizing when wrong choices are being repeated over TIME heading us down a path we really dont' want... and STOP! Stop the train immediately! Reaccess your GOALS and pick a different path. Sounds simple.. but it's not.

Picking a different path means making different CHOICE. Making a different DECISION. Making a CHANGE.

This is the GOLDEN NUGGET HERE: Your daily choices, decisions and actions when added up everyday over TIME will always take us to our ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ACHIEVEMENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I've analysed literally thousands of successful people's daily actions (including mine) and concluded they were all on the straight and narrow path to their future accomplishments and success. Any detour off the path by "wrong daily actions" compounded by time would have taken them grossly off course missing the success and accomplishments that was "gift wrapped" waiting for them (including me).

So if you're asking yourself how did I get here, just play back the recorder of your life on a day-by day basis, up to this moment, and you will realize with crystal clarity exactly how you got here, and more importantly where your life is headed.

Want to change your life. Start today by changing what you do today and multiply your successful daily routine over TIME and I guarantee you will get the result your daily actions are pointing to. NO MYSTERIES HERE. JUST CONSISTENCY.

REMEMBER what ever happens to you, be sure, YOU are 100% responsible!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Message #96 - Can You Take A Hit?

There was a Sign in our Wrestling Room at Wisconisin, I Looked at EVERYDAY, that Read:

"Measure a Man by the Opposition it Takes to Discourage Him"

As a college athlete I knew there would be obstacals to overcome everyday... i.e., injuries, tough practices, classes and grades, competition, you name it.... etc... All I knew is that I wasnt' going to quit and I was somehow going to be a NCAA Champion.


We all can learn something from ROCKY. Click the picture to watch the clip or CLICK HERE if picture is not visable.