Thursday, December 16, 2010

Message #104 - Look for Where you Slipped....

We all sometimes Fall and come up Short of our Goals. We ask "how did I Fall (or Fail)?

As a successful wrestler I get asked a lot how did I rebound and recover from a LOSS and get back to WINNING. Well after the obvious "It's not EASY" I reply with a question "look back to where you started to SLIP (lose confidence, doubt, cut corners, not work as hard, veer from your core values, hook up with the wrong person or people, not care as much, etc, etc, the list goes on... and on...)

I've discovered from my own experiences both from wrestling and in LIFE (after all this is most important) that before the FALL there was a SLIP.

THIS IS WHERE THE FALL ACTUALLY OCCURRED... at that point of the SLIP. If not corrected a FALL is inevitable. It's SURE.

It's ONLY a MATTER of TIME. Some of us can hang on for a long time after slipping. The actual Fall is not always immediate.

We all know when we slip. We brush it off though as a "Close Call"... We get in Denial... We try and pretend it never happened... We think were to busy to address the slipping ISSUE so we ignore it and think business will be as usual.


The most consistently successful people are the ones that acknowledge AND correct their SLIPS as soon as possible, thereby avoiding a FALL later.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Message #103 - You Don't Have to Like It.......

Sometimes You Have to do What you don't like to Achieve What you Want.

I get asked a lot what I did to be a successful wrestler and the main thing I say is a lot of what I did I really didn't like.

The problem with being successful is most of us have a fuzzy idea what it takes! We all want the end result...the spoils... the victory... the nice house... car... etc.

The problem continues with most people only focusing on the part of the process they like. Based on the God given natural abilities you got at birth and the skills you have been able to attain you will land somewhere on the success scale.

If the place you land on the success scale is not where you want to be, then SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.


As a wrestler there were many aspects to training I really liked. But there also were some things I didn't like... I really disliked RUNNING... and I avoided it as much as I could.

When I was at my first elite level training camp in 1978 training for the World Championships I was introduced to running by Coach Dan Gable. We ran HARD every day. Up hills... over gravel roads... in sand... with guys on our backs... ect.

Because it was Gable and because I was convinced I needed it to win... I did it with excellence and with a good attitude... I strived to win or be in the front of every run.

Figure out what you have been avoiding because you don't like it and really determine if that very thing, if you were doing it, can help you toward a goal you have.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Message #102 - Are You Not Achieving What You Want...

You Must Change Your Thoughts, Keep Your Head Up and Focus your Thoughts on What You Want.

This is Easier Said Than Done. What I find with most people that are not achieving what they want (or just plain not happy) is that they keep looking at all the crap they've been through or simply put; the negative outcomes or failures in their life, and that's where their focus is.

You've all heard the phrase: "Change your Focus...Change Your Life"

The Big Question is HOW DO I CHANGE MY FOCUS???

Well it all starts with producing just ONE DIFFERENT THOUGHT from the ones you've had.

Each Thought we have produces a chemical reaction in our brain and in turn produces an action in line with that thought.

The Average Person Has Between 50,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. I'm Amazed by that. You should be too. Even when you think you're not thinking... Guess What... You are.... and Here may lie your Stumbling Block to the Success You Want.

If the majority of your 50,000-60,000 thoughts each day are focused on the crap of the past, and knowing that chemical reactions are produced in the brain by each thought, leading to specific actions guided by the thought, then it's not hard to understand why we REPEAT BAD CYCLES, DECISIONS & FAILURES in our life.

Think about this: "How many bad thoughts do you have to string together to end up having a bad day".

Now Think about the reverse of this. "How many good thoughts do you have to string together to end up having a good day".


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Message #101 - Ride the Wild Tiger!

Life is Like a Wild Tiger.... You can either lie down and let it Lay its paw on your Head.... or...... YOU CAN SIT ON ITS BACK AND RIDE IT!

Heard this recently, don't know who the original author is, but it really impacted me in a big way and I wanted to share it.

I find in my own life the essence of this quote working. Who hasn't been knocked down by LIFE? ... Nobody! ...We all Have... and Guess What... we will continue to be knocked down...

LIFE (or as the wise author of this quote has coined "The Wild Tiger") has dealt us all some hard times and will continue to rear its ugly head from time to time..

The really important questions is... are we going to let it (the circumstance that LIFE dealt) control us???

I love the way the way the author says "you can lie down and let it (LIFE's circumstance) Lay its (HEAVY - added by me) paw on your head"

In my own Life I stay beaten down until I decide to face the Tiger head on and RIDE IT... If I fall off... I get back on... and back on... and back on.... you get the picture...

Eventually I overcome it and RIDE THE TIGER. It's the same principle for achieving your Goals. Your Goal is the Wild Tiger.

Are you going to RIDE THE WILD TIGER???

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Message #100 - Are You Working to get Better...REALLY?

How serious are you at working to get better? We all say we want to get better...but are we working at it REALLY?

  1. Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to get better?
  2. Are you taking an honest assessment of where you're at right now? And more importantly are you DREAMING BIG and setting high goals?
  3. Are you challenging yourself every day?
  4. Are you "jumping in the ring" (in whatever arena you're in) with the best people every day and testing yourself.
  5. Do you let down when you get tired or have a set back?
  6. Do you let other people "break" you? Break your spirit, your will, your desires, your goals, your plans, your drive, your expectations.....?

What I find is that most people really don't try that hard at being successful. They try a little bit and if they don't achieve immediate results, they may not quit, but they don't try as hard.

The incredible thing is that even when people experience some success (or a little success) from their efforts, I find that they still don't try that hard.

I really don't understand this because I believe that is the key here.... Here's the nugget, don't miss it.....

Get those little successes (from your effort) and stop and let yourself feel the high from it. You need to get addicted to it like a drug that you must have to live. This will drive you to want more. You will work hard at trying to get better..REALLY.

These little success should be FRONT PAGE news in your life.

I was at the Midlands wrestling tournament this past season and after the final match of one of the champions I saw him running behind the bleachers. He continued running until he was called to the award stand. then after that continued running.

I congratulated him on his championship I asked him why he was working out right now (of course I knew the answer).

His answer is the essence of this post. Please pay attention to his answer.... He said I'M JUST TRYING TO GET BETTER!!!

This wrestler was a true sophomore, was 2nd in the NCAA's as a true freshman and recently won the Freestyle Senior Nationals beating a former world team member.

When he was interviewed after his match he again said I'M JUST TRYING TO GET BETTER!!!

This young man has the right ideal about success.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Message #99 - ANTICIPATE don't HESITATE...

Anticipate SUCCESS and look forward to what you WANT to actually HAPPEN... BELIEVE in yourself and your abilities.

The key to being able to anticipate the thing, event or whatever happening is to first COMMIT to it. This is the golden nugget. This, however, is easier said than done.

The reason why commitment is so important and has to come first in any endeavor, achievement and success is: ...... Watch This and make note of the point to follow........

Until one is COMMITTED there is HESITANCY...the chance to change your mind... the chance to draw back... the chance to not try as hard... the chance to QUIT. Yes I said quit. We all want to quit sometimes.

It is always easier to quit when there's no commitment, or weak commitment. Without commitment there is always ineffectiveness.

There is a unlimited stream of inner strength, resolve, and "get tough grit" that occurs at the very moment of the decision to COMMIT to something. Also at this moment (the moment of making the decision to commit) a whole host of other things begin to occur that divinely tips the scales in our favor that ultimately helps us achieve our goal. I can't explain this exactly, but it's POWERFUL and it has proven itself to me time and time again in my life.

I've had unforeseen incidents, chance meetings, help and assistance in my life (all helping me towards achieving my goal) that before they happened I could not have even dreamed of any of it coming my way. You've heard of the saying "you don't know what you don't know". Like I said I can't fully explain it but these divine powers are only unleashed once you commit to something.

Click HERE to read some of my past blog posts on COMMITMENT.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Message #98 - Don't Just Stand There... MYA (MOVE YOUR A#%)!

Dr. Rob Gilbert, Leading Sports Psychologist, coined the phrase GOYA (Get off your A#%). I'm coining the phase MOVE YOUR A#%.

Get up and start Moving... Not just anywhere... But Move in the direction of your GOALS.


Once You Know that... START MOVING IN THAT DIRECTION. Take a first step... then another... then another. You've heard the saying... if you stumble and fall... Stumble and fall forward. NEVER BACKWARD. Fight hard not to go backward.

For those of you that trade stocks. it's like setting a trailing STOP after you've made some gains. If your stops are tight and continually adjusted upward you can never lose what you've gained.

Set trailing stops in LIFE!

What are we really saying... By moving your a#% you are creating a ACTION. When you create a action you are doing something.


The trick is to make your actions move towards your goals, Remember this is independent of how you feel. Example - doing something you don't like.. but you know it is moving you in the direction you want. i.e., studying, lifting weights, working that 2nd job to pay for night school, or while in grammar school that job after school to pay for J Robinson's intensive camp, etc.

It is by far easier to control and change you what you DO (i.e., your actions), than it is to control and change your feelings, emotions or thoughts.

Successful people act even when they don't really want to. They take the feelings and emotions out of the equation. They consistently live by GOYA and MYA.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Message #97 - What You Do Today DOES Matter!

Have You Ever Ended Up Somewhere and Wonder How in the World Did I Get Here?

That is precisely the point. How Did I get here! This applies in Every Aspect of Life.

Like... Driving Somewhere & Getting Lost and ending up somewhere you didn't want to be... Ending up with Friends, People, Spouse, Kids, Sickness, Disease, or a Job you don't really want to be with, etc., you name it.....

Basically just not being happy with where you're at and/or the direction you're going!

I'm here to tell you that this just didn't happen by accident. It didn't just happen overnight or all of a sudden... IT HAPPENED OVER TIME FOLKS.

TIME is the Game Changer Here. It is either our friend... or it is our enemy. It's ONE OR THE OTHER. Our choices mutiplied by TIME happens to all of us. It happens to me and it happens to you.

The Key is recognizing when wrong choices are being repeated over TIME heading us down a path we really dont' want... and STOP! Stop the train immediately! Reaccess your GOALS and pick a different path. Sounds simple.. but it's not.

Picking a different path means making different CHOICE. Making a different DECISION. Making a CHANGE.

This is the GOLDEN NUGGET HERE: Your daily choices, decisions and actions when added up everyday over TIME will always take us to our ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ACHIEVEMENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I've analysed literally thousands of successful people's daily actions (including mine) and concluded they were all on the straight and narrow path to their future accomplishments and success. Any detour off the path by "wrong daily actions" compounded by time would have taken them grossly off course missing the success and accomplishments that was "gift wrapped" waiting for them (including me).

So if you're asking yourself how did I get here, just play back the recorder of your life on a day-by day basis, up to this moment, and you will realize with crystal clarity exactly how you got here, and more importantly where your life is headed.

Want to change your life. Start today by changing what you do today and multiply your successful daily routine over TIME and I guarantee you will get the result your daily actions are pointing to. NO MYSTERIES HERE. JUST CONSISTENCY.

REMEMBER what ever happens to you, be sure, YOU are 100% responsible!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Message #96 - Can You Take A Hit?

There was a Sign in our Wrestling Room at Wisconisin, I Looked at EVERYDAY, that Read:

"Measure a Man by the Opposition it Takes to Discourage Him"

As a college athlete I knew there would be obstacals to overcome everyday... i.e., injuries, tough practices, classes and grades, competition, you name it.... etc... All I knew is that I wasnt' going to quit and I was somehow going to be a NCAA Champion.


We all can learn something from ROCKY. Click the picture to watch the clip or CLICK HERE if picture is not visable.