Thursday, February 21, 2008

Message #52 - Expect To Win...It's Not Luck

Luck is Randomly Drawing Your Name Out of a Barrell of 1,000 Names.
  • You Win Because You Expect to Win.
  • You Win Because You Are Prepared.
  • You Win Because You Actually Know You Know What Your Doing.
  • You Win Because You Hate Losing.
  • You Win Because Your Sick and Tired of Losing and Not Getting What You Want.
  • You Win Because You Finally Believe in Yourself.
  • You Win Because You Finally Believe it's OK to Be on Top and Stand Above the Competition.
  • You Win Because You've Worked too Hard and Sacrificed too Much to Let it Go.
  • You Actually Plan and Expect to WIN.
  • Somebody's got to Win...Why not YOU!

Does This Sound Like Luck.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Message #51 - If Your Not Where You Want to Be, Maybe Your Not Dreaming Big Enough!

Dream Bigger!!!

  • That's Right...Let Your Imagination Run Wild and Shoot for the Stars.

  • Be a dreamer and DREAM BIGGER. When you walk down the street look towards the heavens and DREAM.

  • No one has every achieved GREATNESS by surprise. Sometimes we can be at the right place at the right time and something good can happen to us, but true accomplishment is expected, deliberate and planned.

  • It may not happen when you want...but it's RIGHT ON TIME when it happens.

  • Be careful not to compare yourself with someone great right now if your not where you want to be, but go back in time and compare yourself with that person when they were getting started. You'll be suprised at where some great people were when they got started.

  • Remember setbacks are a chance to reaffirm your goals.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Message #50 - Are You Really Serious???

What Does It Take For You To Risk It All For What You Want???

  • What do I mean by risk it all? Well What are you holding back?

  • If this were a poker game and I wanted to win the pot. Is my "hand" good enough to put all my chips in?

  • Well life and accomplishments are not a poker game...a game of chance. I used this to form an anolagy that I'll explain.

  • Your "hand" is your preparation (in the real world this is your learning, practice, training, workout, mental preparation etc). You build and create your "hand" during the "game" of the game of life your build and create this every day by how you work, your choices and actions.

  • Your chips are your effort. In poker it's your money. Are you willing to risk losing your money on the hand you have. In life it's your effort. If you don't think you can win or get what you want, then logic says why put the effort in.

  • In Life we don't have crystal balls and we can't see the future. So we have to risk the effort to have a chance at the prize.

  • So build the best "hand" you can by leaving no stone unturned in your preparation.

  • Operate from an "all in" attitude and mentality and put "all your chips in" in terms of your effort.

  • This will ensure your best performance every time