Monday, February 11, 2008

Message #50 - Are You Really Serious???

What Does It Take For You To Risk It All For What You Want???

  • What do I mean by risk it all? Well What are you holding back?

  • If this were a poker game and I wanted to win the pot. Is my "hand" good enough to put all my chips in?

  • Well life and accomplishments are not a poker game...a game of chance. I used this to form an anolagy that I'll explain.

  • Your "hand" is your preparation (in the real world this is your learning, practice, training, workout, mental preparation etc). You build and create your "hand" during the "game" of the game of life your build and create this every day by how you work, your choices and actions.

  • Your chips are your effort. In poker it's your money. Are you willing to risk losing your money on the hand you have. In life it's your effort. If you don't think you can win or get what you want, then logic says why put the effort in.

  • In Life we don't have crystal balls and we can't see the future. So we have to risk the effort to have a chance at the prize.

  • So build the best "hand" you can by leaving no stone unturned in your preparation.

  • Operate from an "all in" attitude and mentality and put "all your chips in" in terms of your effort.

  • This will ensure your best performance every time

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