Thursday, April 29, 2010

Message #100 - Are You Working to get Better...REALLY?

How serious are you at working to get better? We all say we want to get better...but are we working at it REALLY?

  1. Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to get better?
  2. Are you taking an honest assessment of where you're at right now? And more importantly are you DREAMING BIG and setting high goals?
  3. Are you challenging yourself every day?
  4. Are you "jumping in the ring" (in whatever arena you're in) with the best people every day and testing yourself.
  5. Do you let down when you get tired or have a set back?
  6. Do you let other people "break" you? Break your spirit, your will, your desires, your goals, your plans, your drive, your expectations.....?

What I find is that most people really don't try that hard at being successful. They try a little bit and if they don't achieve immediate results, they may not quit, but they don't try as hard.

The incredible thing is that even when people experience some success (or a little success) from their efforts, I find that they still don't try that hard.

I really don't understand this because I believe that is the key here.... Here's the nugget, don't miss it.....

Get those little successes (from your effort) and stop and let yourself feel the high from it. You need to get addicted to it like a drug that you must have to live. This will drive you to want more. You will work hard at trying to get better..REALLY.

These little success should be FRONT PAGE news in your life.

I was at the Midlands wrestling tournament this past season and after the final match of one of the champions I saw him running behind the bleachers. He continued running until he was called to the award stand. then after that continued running.

I congratulated him on his championship I asked him why he was working out right now (of course I knew the answer).

His answer is the essence of this post. Please pay attention to his answer.... He said I'M JUST TRYING TO GET BETTER!!!

This wrestler was a true sophomore, was 2nd in the NCAA's as a true freshman and recently won the Freestyle Senior Nationals beating a former world team member.

When he was interviewed after his match he again said I'M JUST TRYING TO GET BETTER!!!

This young man has the right ideal about success.