Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Message #95 - Want to be a true LEADER in anything?

Don't be afraid to break the mold and the status quo... with the true Leader thinking outside the box is not enough... with the true leader "THERE IS NO BOX"
  • The true leader Innovates; while others only administers what's already there.
  • The true leader is an original; while others try and copy.
  • The true leader makes things happen; while others ask "what happened"
  • The true leader originates; while others imitate.
  • The true leader is intensely interested in continual personal and professional development; while others maintain where they're at.
  • The true leader focuses on developing people, because they know that's best way to get things done; while others focuses on systems and structure.
  • The true leader inspires trust; while others rely on control.
  • The true leader sees the "big picture" and has a long-range perspective; while others maintain a short-range view and only see the immediate circumstance(s).
  • The true leader asks what and why; while others ask how and when.
  • The true leader challenges the status quo; while others accept it.
  • The true leader does the right thing; while others do things right.

This was adapted from "Becoming a Leader" - Warren Bennis