Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Message #99 - ANTICIPATE don't HESITATE...

Anticipate SUCCESS and look forward to what you WANT to actually HAPPEN... BELIEVE in yourself and your abilities.

The key to being able to anticipate the thing, event or whatever happening is to first COMMIT to it. This is the golden nugget. This, however, is easier said than done.

The reason why commitment is so important and has to come first in any endeavor, achievement and success is: ...... Watch This and make note of the point to follow........

Until one is COMMITTED there is HESITANCY...the chance to change your mind... the chance to draw back... the chance to not try as hard... the chance to QUIT. Yes I said quit. We all want to quit sometimes.

It is always easier to quit when there's no commitment, or weak commitment. Without commitment there is always ineffectiveness.

There is a unlimited stream of inner strength, resolve, and "get tough grit" that occurs at the very moment of the decision to COMMIT to something. Also at this moment (the moment of making the decision to commit) a whole host of other things begin to occur that divinely tips the scales in our favor that ultimately helps us achieve our goal. I can't explain this exactly, but it's POWERFUL and it has proven itself to me time and time again in my life.

I've had unforeseen incidents, chance meetings, help and assistance in my life (all helping me towards achieving my goal) that before they happened I could not have even dreamed of any of it coming my way. You've heard of the saying "you don't know what you don't know". Like I said I can't fully explain it but these divine powers are only unleashed once you commit to something.

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