Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message #93 - Are You Holding Back?

The next question is WHAT are you holding back? For example; energy, effort and love, ect. We all hold something back. Holding back is the key reason we have Mediocre performances and experiences.

Giving all you've got is the Key to Exceptional performance and experiences. Do you want to be EXCEPTIONAL ... or ... average?

Just by waking up in the morning...You've Made it to the "Average" Club. What you do after that makes all the difference.

Holding back is why people sometimes fail. When you hold back you never fully know what may have happened if you went "all out". Have you ever seen a person Passionate about something 'holding back"?

Great Desire and Intentions are wonderful things to have... but ... Great Effort is more important. This is the classic "thinking about doing something versus actually doing it".

"Remember Doing Something and Thinking about Doing Something Yields Entirely Different Results."

The reason why some people don't "go all out" and give (what ever it is) all they've got is because they have a belief that what ever it is they are giving; energy, effort, love etc., is LIMITED and needs to be conserved and rationed, for fear it is going to run out (kind of like time in a day). By having this belief we gauge, on a case by case basis, how much we're going to give to something.

Another reason for not going "all out" is Fear of Faliure. I'll address that in a later blog entry.

IF WE GUESS WRONG BY GIVING "TOO LITTLE" .... often times WE FAIL at what ever it is we're doing! This scenario is especially bad because if fosters failure and mediocrity, and if we succeed it's just as bad because if fosters an attitude of low output EXPECTING good results.

Strangely enough... WHAT DRAINS US OF OUR; ENERGY, EFFORT, LOVE (what ever) is the act of holding it back... not giving it 100%.

WATCH THIS.... The more you hold back, or conserve something i.e., your ENERGY, EFFORT, LOVE (what ever), the more NARROW the channels through which "it" can flow WHEN YOU REALLY NEED IT or WANT IT!

If you give it all at 100% the channel opens and flows freely. Example; if you hold back physical effort in athletic practices... the more difficult it is to give it (and express it) when you need it - to have the desired performance outcome. Another EXAMPLE; the more you hold back love... the more difficult it is to give it (and express it) when you need to.

This applies to everything. Think about it... People that freely and fully give 100% of their Effort towards something seem to have an unending supply of it... and are usually successful at what ever they're doing.