Sunday, July 11, 2010

Message #101 - Ride the Wild Tiger!

Life is Like a Wild Tiger.... You can either lie down and let it Lay its paw on your Head.... or...... YOU CAN SIT ON ITS BACK AND RIDE IT!

Heard this recently, don't know who the original author is, but it really impacted me in a big way and I wanted to share it.

I find in my own life the essence of this quote working. Who hasn't been knocked down by LIFE? ... Nobody! ...We all Have... and Guess What... we will continue to be knocked down...

LIFE (or as the wise author of this quote has coined "The Wild Tiger") has dealt us all some hard times and will continue to rear its ugly head from time to time..

The really important questions is... are we going to let it (the circumstance that LIFE dealt) control us???

I love the way the way the author says "you can lie down and let it (LIFE's circumstance) Lay its (HEAVY - added by me) paw on your head"

In my own Life I stay beaten down until I decide to face the Tiger head on and RIDE IT... If I fall off... I get back on... and back on... and back on.... you get the picture...

Eventually I overcome it and RIDE THE TIGER. It's the same principle for achieving your Goals. Your Goal is the Wild Tiger.

Are you going to RIDE THE WILD TIGER???

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