Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Message #87 - Want to Improve your Performance...?

Keep a Consistent and Focused Goal Oriented Attitude!

Attitude is defined as "a mental position (or a feeling or emotion) with regard to something".

Most of us are quick to let a negative circumstance change our attitude and feelings about something. This type of attitude, unfortunately, is determined by circumstance and not really focused on a particular goal or outcome.

Therefore when our circumstance does our attitude. Circumstances change alot...and unfortunately with most of us, so does our attitude.

Example; something happens we don't like...we get a negative attitude about it. This attitude is usually negative, strong and changes our thinking. This type of attitude reacts to the circumstance.

When attitude is determined by the circumstance...Consistent high level performance is impossible.

WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE CIRCUMSTANCE THAT WE ARE IN! So don't fret over your circumstance. Circumstances will always happen. Remember...Bad Stuff Happens, but it doesn't have to negatively impact our ATTITUDE.

Instead Focus your ATTITUDE on a GOAL! A goal that does not change. A goal that you are Passionate about.

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