Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Message #89 - Live Life Today as if Today was all you Had...

Because all we really have is NOW. That's all we really can Control. Tomorrow is not promised.

I had the good fortune to meet a great man recently. A wise man full of years with a lot of life experiences...but unfortunately he was dying. In fact when I met him he would only be alive for 14 more days. After spending some time with this man I learned very quickly that he really loved life and lived life to the fullest!

After spending some time with him and learning all that he had accomplished... I came to this startling revelation...

That revelation is: "All we have control of is this very moment in time; and we have to get the most out of this moment. This moment in time is NOW!"

When time runs out.. that's it... there's nothing more we can do in this earthly realm...I noticed this man had no regrets... He was at peace with his life.

All that we accomplish life no matter how long we live; no matter how much success we have; no matter how much we love and are loved; no matter what plans we have and had; no matter how full our life is or was... At the end we all will ponder did we accomplish what we set out to do in our lives! Did we take full advantage of all the "NOWS" we had.

No matter what....It all comes to an END!

TIME TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY! All of us will one day run out of time.

I got to thinking...what is it that I still want to do with my life.....As I thought about this it became apparent to me that we really don't have any control of our plans...We only have control of NOW.

Remember the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men....." you know the rest.

Take advantage of this very moment. Make something really special of this moment. That's what I was able to do in my wrestling career...I took advantage of every moment and lived each moment in wrestling (as it related to competition, training & learning) as if it were my last and as a result I was successful at it.

This philosophy will work at anything we want to accomplish in life.


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