Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Message #46 - Stay Focused on Your Goals

Be Prepared to Be Tested...

  • What is a TEST? A test is when you are challenged...when you doubt...when you stumble...when you don't succeed at first...when you feel like quitting...when you fail...when you think your not good enough...when you get sick...when you get tired...when you are wondering how in the world are you're going to do this...

  • A test is merely a chance to reaffirm your commitment to your goal. Welcome any and all opportunities to be tested, because after going through the test you become stronger. So the more tests - the stronger you become.

  • Stand firm and determined not to quit during the test knowing that when you make it through you will be stronger and more committed to the goal.

  • Never let the outcome of a test discourage you from your goals. Always remember your desire is to achieve your goal and not any particular test.

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Anonymous said...

thanks i love getting ur e-mailss... i needed to hear this. i have to wrestle some one eho beat me before, tomorrow. Don't worry he's mine