Saturday, May 3, 2008

Message #68 - Positive Thinking Isn't Enough!

POSITIVE BELIEVING is what we NEED to get the job done.... There's a Huge Difference Between Positive Thinking and Positive BELIEVING!

Was Muhammad Ali a positive thinker or a positive BELIEVER? Like him or not the guy was mentally "ROCK SOLID". Listen to Ali Click Here and ask yourself is this man a positive thinker or positive believer.

You know how Muhammad Ali didn’t go around saying I think I’m the greatest, I think I’m the greatest. He used to say – I’m the greatest period.

let’s just talk about the difference between positive thinking and positive believing for a minute; To illustrate the point I'll start with this story I heard from Dr. Rob Gilbert, he did the "Psychology of Winning Wrestling" audio CD series with me.

It’s about a Frenchman named Philippe and he was an athlete, a different type of athlete. He was a high wire walker. Way back in 1928 in the fall he was attempting to become the first high wire walker ever to walk the high wire across Niagara Falls.

So the big day came and there were thousands of people on each side of the Falls to watch. And Philippe was on the ramp on one side and the high wire was set up. Now Philippe wasn’t like the high wire walkers you see in the circus that use a long pole for balance. Philippe used a wheelbarrow with 200 pounds of bricks in it.

So Philippe gets on the ramp on one side and he slowly but masterfully starts crossing the Falls with his wheelbarrow. And he was a master of the high wire. And he got about halfway and then he suddenly stopped and started shaking back and forth. Then miraculously he regained his balance and went all the way to the other side.

He gets to the other side, gets this huge standing ovation and then after the ovation dies down the people start leaving. The journalists get to him and they start asking him question after question after question after question.

After they were all questioned out Philippe pointed to a young journalist and said – Let me ask you a question. The journalist said – sure. He said do you think I can take my wheelbarrow and go back to the other side? And the journalist said – of course I think you can, you’re master of the high wire, of course I think you can.

Philippe said – Let me ask you one more thing. Do you actually believe I can take my wheelbarrow and go back to the other side? The journalist said – totally, I have total confidence, I totally, 100% believe you can do it, you’re a master of the high wire, I totally believe you can do it.

Philippe said fine. He dumped all the bricks out of his wheelbarrow and pointed to the journalist and said – If you really believe it get in the wheelbarrow. So if you really, really, really believe in yourself, you’ll take action. If you really, really, really believe you can become a champion you’ll really go for it... Now that’s what I'm talking about!

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