Thursday, June 5, 2008

Message #72 - INTIMIDATION

The Word Intimidation Has Meaning for everyone. If you know how to intimidate people you can make it work for you. If you get intimidated, it will destroy you.

So what is intimidation? What is it that just makes you feel timid and scared? What makes that little voice in your mind say "this is to much for me" 'I can't face this".

I mean it just saps you of your strength. So you want to see an example of INTIMIDATION... just watch the stare down before any of Mike Tyson's fights (his early fights...especially his fight with Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes).

Mike Tyson was a superior heavyweight champion but Nobody every mentioned that for a heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was rather small in stature. I mean he’s a very, very small man for a heavyweight fighter.

Everybody he fights is a head taller than him but he does the intimidating. Being intimidating is not about size it's about what's in your mind.

Notre Dame when they play football, or during the Gable era when the Iowa Hawkeyes came on the mat...they both intimidate their opponents just because of the aura around them. Some people think it’s the uniform, some people think it’s the tradition.

Whatever it is, intimidation works.

Now, what you have to do to overcome intimidation is to practice not being intimidated. So let me ask you this. For example: did you ever have a teacher in school that you were afraid to talk to...a boss, a boy, a girl, dad, mom whatever?

Do you know what my assignments for you is? Go talk to that teacher. Go talk to that boss, Go talk to that person. I want you to do things that intimidate you and see what happens?

The more you do things that intimidate you the less you’ll be intimidated. So you ask the boss for the raise, ask the girl out for a date...the boss says no...the girl say no. The whole goal wasn't to just get the raise or get a yes from the girl... the whole goal was to do that confrontation, just to get the nerve to do it. The whole goal is to just confront the fear, confront the intimidation.

So that’s what we’re talking about. Practice putting yourself in situations where you’re intimidated and then deal with it. And just like any fear, the more you confront the fear the fear will lessen.

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