Thursday, August 14, 2008

Message #77 - Kemp's 3 P's to Success

Real Success is Much More Than Just Wanting to It...If Fact it's not About How Bad You Want...It About Commitment to The Process.

The first P is Preparation...This one is the easiest to measure because it involves all the work that goes into any achievement and can be measured and monitored. This is not easy! The work part stops a lot of people. The Key here is put in the WORK so that you are PREPARED when your opportunity comes.

The second P is Passion...Do you absolutely Love the Thing that your trying to Achieve. For me it was "Wrestling". I absolutely LOVED IT. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. People that are passionate about something find themselves doing it all the time. It's not work to them. Being Passionate is not something you can FAKE. It's got to be genuine. The KEY HERE is find something you love FIRST...then you will easily develop a genuine passion for it. This also stops a lot of people. Unfortunately a lot of people are doing the wrong things and haven't found the thing that they can be passionate about..."the thing that turns them on"... The Key here is to find the thing that "TURNS YOU ON".

The third P is Performance...This is where "THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD"... Can you perform under pressure... can you get the job DONE! A lot of people have the first two P's but not the 3rd one. THE PERFORMANCE! Consistent, successful performance requires you to successfully perform in practice under pressure and challenge yourself to "WIN" in practice. It is then that you will be able to handle the pressure of "WINNING" when Game time comes.

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