Monday, December 10, 2007

Message #44 - Visualization is a Really Powerful Tool

Don't Just Say it...Don't Just Believe it...VISUALIZE IT AS IF IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Visualization goes beyond believing. Believing is GREAT, don't misunderstand me. Visualizing something, however, takes it to a higher level and unleashes unbelievable power.

Put the desired goal in your mind and experience every facet of it like your favorite movie, played in slow motion, picking up every detail, every subtlety, every frame.

The secret here is that you can visualize your successful attainment of the goal. It's your movie to direct, so direct it with you coming out on top...winning! Play this movie over, and over, and over, and get the picture.

Scientific research supports that the mind can actually fool the body (including the emotions) into believing something that hasn't actually happened yet. How many times have we woke up from a dream and were amazed at how real it all seemed.

The trick is to guide your visualization into to place you want.


Ed Tseng said...
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Ed Tseng said...

Visualization is something that I incorporate into my daily truly IS powerful! Your blog looks great.

Ed Tseng
Pro of the Year USTA/NJD 2005
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