Monday, December 3, 2007

Message #43 - Your Ultimate Goal Must be Burned in Your Mind

Keep Your Goal Constantly in Focus to Keep You From Being Fustrated by Set Backs and Failures Along the Way... Remember Keep Your Eyes Fixed on the Prize!

No matter what happens you must not forget why your in the game. In case you forgot it is to WIN! Winning is what ever you have defined it to be. Remember the old saying, "it's not over till it's over". Remember that!

No matter how many times you fail at only have to succeed at it only ONCE! That's it...ONLY ONCE. You only have to do it right only matter how many times you've failed at it.

It took George Eastman (Eastman-Kodak) 18 years to perfect the film process to achieve his ultimate dream and goal of making photography available to the average person. He set out in 1877 with his dream and didn't achieve it until 1895.

He endured over 1,000 flawed and failed experiments perfecting the film process, worked a day job at a bank to pay the bills, read books on chemistry and photography to increase his knowledge, learned French and German so he could read the latest research about the film industry, and spent many nights sleeping in a hammock at his factory after long days designing equipment.

George Eastman never lost sight of his goal...How about YOU!

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