Friday, November 23, 2007

Message #42 - Stretch your Mind

Once Something is Stretched it never Goes Back to the Way it was Before.

Anything you actually do is first contemplated (or incubated) as a thought in your mind. When you let your mind dwell on a thought long enough something very powerful happens.

IF YOU CONTINUE TO HOLD A THOUGHT IN YOUR MIND YOU BEGIN TO GRAVITATE TOWARDS IT. What do I mean by this? Think about anything you've ever accomplished and you'll agree it first started with a thought that came into your mind that you formed into a goal. The greater the goal the more time you will spend thinking about it. The time spent thinking about the goal will be greater than anything else you think will spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about it compared to everything else.

There are many ways thoughts come into our minds. We are bombarded with all kinds of images, messages and situations. The moment we fixate on one of them we form a thought about it.

If the thought is something we desire, we immediately rationalize and access how realistic it is to attain it. This is where most people fail. If they think they can't attain the goal they let the thought go and start thinking about something else.

This reason why successful people realize their goals is that they keep the desired goal in their mind as a thought, and continually keep it there. Sometimes these people are characterized as one-dimensional or one track minded. I CALL THESE PEOPLE CHAMPIONS!

By doing this you are are effectually "stretching" your mind; once you do this you will never be the same.

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