Friday, November 9, 2007

Message #37 - Having The Right Attitude

The Difference Between Having The Right Attitude and Almost Having The Right Attitude is the Difference Between Lightning and The Lightning Bug!

What do I mean by that? Well there is a heck of a big difference between what Lightning can do and what a Lightning Bug can do; but they sound similar. Lightning really sounds powerful until the word bug is added to it. Lightning and Lightning Bug sounds like they could be similar until you examine what they both can do; then you conclude they are not close at all.

The same is true when we have a Lightning Bug Attitude. A little flash that's only visible when it's dark outside. But when Lightning flashes across the sky it doesn't matter how much daylight is present; it lights up the entire sky and is clearly seen by all. Lightning never goes unnoticed.

When we come up short in a task or achieving a goal we find solace in thinking "well I was close". We all know being close doesn't count really. We need the lightning and not the lightning bug.

We see the "Light" in our "minds eye" that tells us we're giving our best effort. But is the light we see coming from our effort a Lighting Bolt, or just the glow from a Lightning Bug. Not all "Light" is as bright nor is the same.

Attitude is the key driver of success and achievement. Be a lightning bolt. Light up the place with your effort and attitude. Let your effort soar to heights you never thought possible because the power of your attitude was just like lightning...Limitless and Powerful!

Which do you have in your Attitude? Lightning or Just a Lighting Bug!

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