Thursday, November 15, 2007

Message #40 - Resist the Feelings of Fear and Doubt and Perform Anyway

Consistent Performance requires Resisting the Feelings of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the midst of Challenge, Controversy and Disappointment.

I heard a story that exemplifies this principle:

"A well known circus performer was performing his act, with several large Bengal Tigers in a locked cage, before a live audience; when in the middle of his performance, the lights went out."

"For almost 30 seconds the circus performer was locked in with the tigers, in total darkness, with the audience starting to panic. The tigers, with their superb night vision, could see him, but he could not see them. The circus performer survived the ordeal, and when the lights came back on he finished his performance."

"After the performance the circus performer admitted he was afraid and felt immense and overwhelming fear, however, he said, he knew that even though he couldn't see the big tigers, they didn't know he couldn't see them. The circus performer acted in the cage as if nothing had happened and continued cracking his whip and talking to the tigers as he normally would until the lights came back on."

"The circus performer rested in the fact that the tigers never knew he couldn't see them. And so it is with each of us. Resist the urge to panic and feel despair in the midst of a "storm" in your life, and perform exactly as you were trained and exactly as you've prepared ahead of time."

Act in faith that your actions will be successful if you simply just carry them out exactly as planned.

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