Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Message #112 - "Do You Wanna Be Like Mike"

We've all Seen These Gatorade Commercials with Michael Jordan... but Do You Really Want to Do All That Mike Did To Actually Be Like Mike?!?

We all see the end results... the last second, game winning shot... the fame ... the glory ... the trappings of success... BUT do we really want to go through what it takes.

What am I talking about? ... I'm talking about Success... How ever YOU define it for yourself.

Google successful, accomplished people and read what they did to achieve their success. It may surprise you.

What I find when I'm telling audiences what it takes to be successful is RESISTANCE. QUESTIONING AND BALKING AT THE PROCESS. ASKING WHY INSTEAD OF HOW... etc.

What this really means is, Most People Don't Want Success BAD ENOUGH! The real questions is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

I recently heard a motivational speaker tell a story about a young man wanting to be financially successful and sought the advice of a Guru. The young man told the Guru he wanted to be as successful as him. The Guru told him to meet him at the beach the next morning and he would give him the secrets to his great financial success. The young man showed up in a suit to meet the Guru as instructed.

The Guru told the young man to come out into the water with him. The young man balked and protested, after all he had a suit on and expected something totally different than what the Guru was asking him to do. After thinking about it, and knowing of the Guru's great financial success and great respect he commanded, the young man reluctantly entered the water. The Guru led the young man out where the water was getting deep. Out to where the water was neck deep. At this point the young man started to panic and thought the Guru was crazy and felt he really had nothing to teach him. Just as the young man was ready to quit (what he thought was a silly exercise), and go back to shore, the Guru grabbed him and held him under water.

Needless to say the young man was startled, frightened and was really panicking at this point, not to mention he couldn't breath and was starting to fight for his life. The struggle continued until the young man was about to black out, and then the Guru pulled him up. The young man was bewildered and angry and asked why the Guru had done that. The Guru's answer stunned even me. The Guru said when you want Success as bad as you want oxygen to breath, then you will be as successful as me. Wow! What a story to dramatize the point.

The Questions remains... "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT SUCCESS"

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