Monday, October 8, 2007

Message #26 - How To Do What You Think is Impossible

To Achieve Anything Great You Have to DO the IMPOSSIBLE!!!

The word impossible is really a relative term. When the average person hears the word impossible they think it means "it can't be done". Do a "Google" on the many things that originally were thought to be impossible and later proved wrong by someone actually doing it. That's right. People can actually do the Impossible!

If you're not yet at your desired goal you may be feeling that your goal is an impossible goal. Think about it. If you've never done it, how do you get your mind to actually believe you can do it? In a way a goal that you've never achieved fits into the category of "the impossible".

I use my own life experience to explain: I started wrestling in 9th grade in high school and wrestled on the freshman team. I made the varsity in 10th grade and had a record of 11 wins, 8 losses and 3 ties (for goodness sake). I would have had as many wins as losses if the ties didn't go my way.

What in the world would have given me the ideal that I could actually be an undefeated Ohio State Champion the very next year? This goal by any one's imagination is an IMPOSSIBLE goal. One that most coaches and parents would agree as being unrealistic or unreasonable. I'm here to tell you that a seemingly impossible goal should never be discouraged, because you never know what can be kindled in the human mind. "What the mind of can conceive and believe, It can achieve." - Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill, an American author that lived from October 26, 1883 - November 8. 1970, was one of the earliest writers of personal-success literature. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best-selling books of all time. In America, Hill stated in his writings, people are free to believe what they want to believe, and this is what sets the United States apart from all other countries in the world. Hill's works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success.

All great achievements can be called "The Impossible". The question becomes, "how does one do the IMPOSSIBLE". It all starts by first recalling times when we accomplished something we have never done before. We all have accomplished things we've never done before or were afraid of doing, i.e., completing the 28-day J. Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp. Any wrestler I've talked to that completed this camp tells me that at first they though "there's no way I can do this". In fact most of these wrestlers call home after the first few days wanting to go home. An amazing thing happens after you do the Impossible. You open up possibilities in your mind that become extremely powerful.

That's exactly what happened to me the summer after that mediocre sophomore year in high school. I went to a wrestling camp that featured Dan Gable, and started to do things in those practice session I had never done before, i.e., intense running, lifting and live wrestling with State Champions and accomplished All-American College wrestlers. I challenged myself and because I was with so many other accomplished wrestlers (with Dan Gable setting the ultimate standard we were all trying to keep up with) I just tried to keep up with them. A strange thing happened by the 2nd day of the camp...I saw that I actually was keeping up with them, and in fact I even started to beat some of them in the running and live wrestling. I WAS DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE!

When I got back home after the camp I continued with the concept presented here of "DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE". I continued to challenged myself in the running, weight lifting and wresting I did in every practice since that wrestling camp back in 1972. In fact I still do it, but in different arenas now. It became a part of me, a part of my nature, my being.



Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

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