Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Message #24 - What is Commitment?

Remember the Story about the Chicken and the Pig, and how they contribute to our Breakfast? What's a small sacrifice of the eggs for the Chicken, becomes a total commitment for the Pig when he provides the bacon.

Joking aside. There is Great Power in making a Commitment. People often think because they are making some sacrifices (large or small) towards a goal that they are committed to the goal; when in fact they are not really committed at all. Sacrifices and Commitments are different...very different!

Sacrifices may get you in the game but commitments get the job done! Making Sacrifices are a lot like making Promises in that when things get tough, promises are ofter broken and sacrifices are often stopped. What separates sacrifices and promises from commitments is that Commitments are Never Broken or Stopped. Sounds tough when you hear it like that.

“Unless a commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes and maybe a little sacrifice...., but no plan of definite action and uncompromising will to succeed"

The one common denominator for all personal achievement is a person's ability to make a Commitment (to themselves) to do what every it takes to achieve the Goal. It's the "Let's Get'er Done"..."Cowboy up"..."Burn Your Ship"..."Go Ahead Make My Day" or quite simply "I'm going to do this no matter what!!! attitude". Remember commitments are NEVER BROKEN.

"Chickens and Pigs look at life differently...Which are you?"

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