Monday, March 17, 2008

Message #59 - Being Ordinary is Not an Option

If You Want More Of What Every is is You Want More of...Put the EXTRA in front of your Ordinary Effort and Make it an EXTRAORDINARY Effort...

It's usually that little "EXTRA" effort that makes all the difference in getting what you want versus not getting what you want.

Consider this:

  • It's not the size or cost of a house that make it a home, but instead it's the loving touches
    inside that costs nothing.

  • A bag lunch made up of left overs can be a gourmet meal with a love note tucked inside.

  • Candles turns a regular meal into an occasion.

  • Studying just 1 more hour a day all semester can put you one the dean's list.

  • Training just 1 more hour a day can make you a champion.

  • Doing anything just a little more each day can make a HUGE difference in the final outcome.

Doing more than required or expected will make your life EXTRAORDINARY!!!

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Chaska said...

Thanks for all these great posts, Lee. I've been so inspired by your work. I look on here every day for a new post.