Thursday, March 20, 2008

Message #60 - All Give Some...But Some Give All

In Life by Default We All Give a Certain Amount of Effort and Passion to What Ever it is We Do. The Key to true Happiness, Contentment and Fulfillment is not to Live By Default (by giving only a certain amount) but by Giving 100% (giving it all).

Consider This:
  • Are you more happy and fulfilled when you give to someone in need...or when you receive something? Do you find that the more you give to someone in need the more fulfilled you are?

  • As a child I knew my parents would give me their last dime (and anything else in support of me), and no matter what I did they would always help and support me 100% (even though they may not have always agreed with me). By giving to me 100% their commitment and support could also be 100%.

  • 100% commitment and support creates high degrees of personal confidence which ultimately leads to the highest achievements.

  • Giving 100% effort and passion to someone else may be catalysis that inspires them to a level of commitment that takes them to another level; it may make them a 3-time world champion!

  • Our great men and women that serve and protect our country in the armed forces go into it knowing that they one day they may give their lives in the line of duty (a 100% commitment). See my post on Commitment.

  • Doesn't giving 100% create your greatest commitment?

  • When your committed at the highest level your effort, performance and results will be at the highest level.

Don't Live Life by Default.

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