Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Message # 62 - Just How Good Do You Have To Be?

It's Not Good Enough That You Learn Your Craft so Well That You Get It Right Almost All The Time...But That You Learn Your Craft so Well That You Can't Get it Wrong!

I Learned That There's a Big Difference Between the Two From John Taylor, a high school team mate from my alma matter,Chardon High School.

What do I mean by this?:
  • Learning something well enough that we get it right almost all the time still leaves room for mistakes and errors. After all "No Body's Perfect"...Right?...Wrong...You Can BE Perfect!

  • You may say "well isn't that good enough?" Well most people would say that it is good enough. Well this level of proficiency requires a great deal of effort to maintain, because there are let downs in performance every now and then, and it is difficult to manage the highs and lows.

  • When you push beyond mere consistency to the level of perfection is when you become unbeatable.

  • At this level you don't know how to fail (or lose).

  • Your not concerned about whether you will win or lose, succeed or fail...but your focus and attention turns towards how dominate your wins or successes will be.

  • Think of how your attitude would be if you didn't have to worry about, whether or not you were going to win or succeed; but rather all your focus could be concentrated on "how bad am I going to win or succeed".

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