Friday, April 4, 2008

Message #64 - Sometimes You Have to Go To The Deep Water to Catch the Big Fish!

By Staying in the Shallow Water (where it's safe and little risk) You'll Only Catch the Small Fish.
  • Get in the boat and leave the safety and comfort of the shore and go after the Really BIG Fish.

  • The further you go out the deeper the water and the more risk and uncetainty.

  • The further you go out the more doubt and fear of the unknown.

  • Staying on the shore you'll be sure to catch some fish...really small ones though.

  • Are really small ones OK with you? or do you want the really BIG ones?

  • There is no EASY way to learn to do this. The way I learned to swim is the Y instructor made me walk out on the end of the diving board and told me to jump in...when I wouldn't jump in...he came towards me (I though to comfort me cause I was nervous and almost in tears from being scared). Guess what he did...


  • I thought I had only one option...and that was to get to the side the best way I could...I didn't quite make it and Mr. Clark jumped in and got me out.

  • Guess what Mr. Clark did next...THE SOB MADE ME DO IT AGAIN.

  • This time I was smart enough to jump myself so I could aim for the side and have only a few strokes to get to the side.

  • When your options are removed you FIND A WAY...YOU LEARN QUICK...YOU TRY HARDER...YOU PRAY HARDER (you make all kinds of deals and promises to GOD)...YOU PLAIN AND SIMPLE GET IT DONE!

  • The point must challenge yourself by putting yourself in pressure situations...over and over and over again. Only then will you be putting yourself to the test. Test yourself...see what might surprise yourself. See my post on "Doing the Impossible".

  • IF YOU WANT TO RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS...YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO PEE IN THE TALL GRASS!!! (don't really know what that means but I heard it once and I kind of liked it).


chaska said...

Great message Mr Kemp keep posting these great blogs!

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