Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Message #6 - Do It Now...What Ever Your Going to Do...Do It Now

Don't Wait to Get Started on you Goals...Do It Now...Get Started Now!

  1. Planning is Great, but don't plan your success to the point that all your doing is planning. To put it another way "Don't Buy Green Bananas" (Hope you get the point).

  2. Expect results right away. By doing this you will work a little harder. I remember when I first started to lift weights in 8th grade, I could hardly wait until I saw a hint of some muscles starting to develop. I was always pusing for results.

  3. Ability, Talent, Opportunity will not produce results all by themselves. You must do something. There are a lot of people that possess all these attributes, and more, but they never accomplished much, because they never get started on something.

  4. Get started NOW!

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