Friday, September 7, 2007

Message #1 - How Can I be Sure of Future Success?

The best way to be sure of future of performance is to;

  1. First prepare yourself for your goal by repeatedly challenging and testing yourself in situations similar to the one you want your best performance in. This is your “Preparation/Training Time”. Your “Preparation/Training Time” must have repeated and relentless efforts towards carefully selected goals that continually move upward to “the next level” once lower levels are attained. This keeps you in a state of growth and improvement during your “Preparation/Training Time”.

  2. Make sure you have enough “Preparation/Training Time” to experience noticeable growth and improvement of your performance during your repeated efforts. This is essential for building a solid foundation for your confidence. To put it another way, set goals for yourself that at first seem unattainable during your “Preparation Time”, and put pressure on yourself to, not only attain the goals, but to exceed them (even though they seem unattainable) and allow yourself to feel the emotions and pressure of how your effort stacks up to the goal. This is an important part of the process. You must allow yourself to feel the emotions and pressure connected with the satisfaction (or disappointment) of your efforts during this “Preparation/Training time”. You want to condition yourself to hunger for the feeling of satisfaction when you’ve attained one of your “Preparation/Training Time” goals.

  3. Continually push and improve each effort toward your goals during the “Preparation/Training Time”, always inching closer towards the ultimate goal you’ve set for yourself. Remember you are trying to do a “dress rehearsal” of your “big event” trying to make it as real as possible. Ultimately you will evaluate how your repeated effort, during your “Preparation/Training Time”, stacks up to you actually believing your ultimate goal is attainable. The key here is to continually “move the bar higher” improving upon your past practice performances.

  4. Draw upon your successes from your “Preparation/Training Time” to establish your history of past successes, and this knowledge will provide the base and the foundation for you to actually believe that you can achieve your ultimate goals.

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