Saturday, September 8, 2007

Message #2 - How Do I Get The Winning Attitude?

People that win all the time are not governed by circumstances, but are guided by their passions and love. Read on;

  1. Which comes first; a successful event or outcome that changes your thinking and attitude or– a change in your thinking and attitude that creates a successful event? The answer is Both. It really doesn’t matter which comes first, however for predicable and planned success ones attitude must be the driving force behind the success. The fact is attitude can be changed in a number of ways.

  2. Attitude can be changed by both negative and positive circumstances, and will have a direct impact on your performance. For instance; if it’s a nice day (sun shining etc.) you have a tendency to automatically feel better which generally leads to a more productive and successful day. Conversely if it’s a bad day (overcast, raining etc) you have a tendency to not feel as good and as a result have diminished motivation and less productivity. The problem here is you can’t predict when you’re going to feel good and if your big event falls on one of your “bad days” you don’t perform.

  3. Almost everyone’s performance (and success) will go up if enough force and punishment is applied. For instance; if every day you got beat if you didn’t meet a work quota, sooner or later you will get tired of getting beat and start meeting your work quota. It doesn’t matter how hard the quota is to hit, your attitude will change and your performance will go up and you will figure out how to hit the quota. Some country’s have a very low crime rate because any guilty perpetrators are killed. The wanted attitude and behavior is achieved by maximum force. This scenario will cause predictable performance and success, but is not feasible or humane in this country.

  4. Think about if you were in the situation described in #3 above. What would your attitude be when you woke up in the morning? You’ve guess it. You would get up “strap it on” (that winning attitude) and make sure you didn’t get beat that day. Replace the negative consequence forcing you to conform your attitude and behavior with something that is even a greater motivator. PASSION and LOVE. Think about it. People that are passionate about something can’t stop talking or thinking about it. It is the passion and love of something that surpasses all fear, stress and strain, work, pain and doubt and is virtually unstoppable. Let Passion and Love control your attitude.

  5. Develop a passion and love for what you do. If you don’t have a passion and love yet for something, don’t worry, you can develop it. Just immerse yourself in what ever you’re doing and be diligent and soon you will find the passion and love creeping in. You CAN learn to love something. If you do this you will consistently be successful. I guarantee it.

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