Monday, September 10, 2007

Message #5 - Don't Set Limits on Your Ability or Goals

If I Asked You the Questions: What are Your Goals?.... and How Big Are They? - - What Would You Say?
  1. I have a wrestling school and I consistently ask my wrestlers what do they want to accomplish?

  2. What I find is that some of them limit there goals to what they think, or are reasonable sure they can accomplish.

  3. The problem with this is there could be so much more they could accomplish...If they only believed in themselves, and set higher goals.

  4. Never set your Limits. When you set your limits, you also set the point where YOU WILL QUIT.

  5. Don't watch the clip in #7 below unless you want to have a breakthrough. Promise yourself before you watch this clip that you will start giving your best effort without setting limits.If you’ve decided you want a breakthrough watch the clip. Get ready to get inspired!!!

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